The Diffusion of Innovation in the Residential Building Industry PDF

Authors: C. Theodore Koebel, Maria Papadakis, Ed Hudson, Marilyn Cavell
Year: 2003
Publisher: Virginia Center for Housing Research


The successful diffusion of innovations in the residential home building industry can have substantial social, economic, and environmental benefits to Americans. By incorporating new technologies, techniques, and materials into construction practices, it is possible to:

  •  Create more affordable housing.
  •  Improve energy efficiency and conserve energy resources.
  •  Improve the quality of U.S. housing stock by reducing the need for frequent repair and maintenance.
  •  Increase the longevity of the housing stock.
  •  Reduce the flow of scrap materials into the waste stream.
  •  Conserve scarce natural resources.

By knowing how and why innovations diffuse within the residential industry, it is possible to accelerate the technology adoption process through more effectively designed programs, demonstration projects, channels of distribution, marketing strategies, and policy incentives.