Augusta County, Virginia Housing Assessment Cover

Authors: Joanna M. Paulson, C. Theodore Koebel, PhD., Marilyn S. Cavell
Year: 2005
Publisher: Virginia Center for Housing Research


To assist the planning efforts of Augusta County, the Virginia Tech Center for Housing Research (CHR) was contracted to perform a housing market and needs analysis.  This report summarizes the findings of that analysis, describes trends from 1990-2000, projects growth from 2000-2020 and identifies important characteristics of the housing market in Augusta County.   The data used for this effort came primarily from the 1990 and 2000 Censuses, the CHR Housing Model, and the Augusta County Community Development Department.
The report is organized into seven sections: population growth and household composition; race and ethnicity; incomes and poverty; housing tenure, values and rents; elderly households and persons with disabilities; projected housing demand; and housing production.  The first three sections describe the demographic characteristics, while the following three sections examine housing characteristics and trends.  The last section examines the supply of housing, the gap in affordable housing supply relative to demand, and whether the supply of housing is keeping up with projected demand.  The report concludes with an outline of significant findings and provides an overall assessment of the County’s housing market.