Assessing Housing and Redevelopment Strategies Portsmouth, Virginia Cover

Authors: Casey J. Dawkins, C. Theodore Koebel, Marilyn S. Cavell, Patricia L. Renneckbar, Joseph M. Schilling
Year: 2007
Publisher: Virginia Center for Housing Research


This report, prepared by the Center for Housing Research at Virginia Tech, was commissioned by the Portsmouth, Virginia Planning Department and the Portsmouth Redevelopment and Housing Authority (PRHA). The report is a threefold effort. The main report consists of two components 1) Housing and Redevelopment Opportunities and 2) Housing Redevelopment Strategies. The third component is a special analysis completed by Dr. Ted Koebel’s graduate level planning studio class at Virginia Tech. The stand-alone student report is entitled Opportunities and Strategies for Residential Redevelopment and provides valuable information that will benefit the City’s future planning efforts, particularly in the area of vacant land reclamation. The Center provides the student report for the City’s use recognizing that the analytical capabilities of the students’ participating in the class ranged from novice to proficient. Each student’s work responsibility was based on their professed and learned knowledge of the analytical tools used in creating the report.