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Construction Engineering and Management

Construction Engineering and Management

Create, design, and manage any scale of construction project with the foundation of our unparalleled program, housed within a top-ranked College of Engineering.

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100 Percent Job Placement
for Graduates of our Undergraduate Program

Construction Engineering and Management at Virginia Tech empowers students with the vital technical expertise, leadership abilities, and professional acumen needed to excel in the construction sector or pursue advanced studies.

Dive into a multidisciplinary undergraduate curriculum that equips you with the analytical tools and methods necessary for orchestrating the vital components of construction projects. Cultivate a strong foundation in ethical, socially-conscious, and eco-friendly practices to ensure we build a better world.

Our Program

An instructor points to a digital display with a VR view while teaching from behind a laptop on a podium

In the Classroom

Practical Instruction from Top-notch Educators

Our faculty provide a balanced combination of academic knowledge and hands-on expertise, preparing students to thrive in the dynamic construction sector.

A student wearing a hardhat looks out over a build site.

To the Built Environment

Applied Learning Experiences

Our students have the opportunity to participate in actual projects, collaborate with industry professionals, and gain insights from working construction sites. Immersed in the field, they learn how all the elements of construction come together to create a successful project.

Young alumni deliver a presentation to a class.

Beyond Virginia Tech

Promising Career Opportunities

Upon graduating from our highly-regarded program, students can expect a wide range of employment possibilities in areas such as construction management, project coordination, cost estimating, scheduling, and more.


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