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Strategic Plan

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Our Mission

MLSoC’s mission is to be the constant beacon for innovation and excellence for the construction industry, and the educational community, for construction  education, research, values-based leadership, and to serve local and global communities (Ut Prosim).

Our Vision

MLSoC’s vision is to produce tomorrow’s innovative and entrepreneurial leaders, to help define and improve tomorrow’s industry, and to make tomorrow better than today through our service to society, and the world.

Our core values are that we may serve

  • ...our students first.
  • …within a diverse, inclusive, family culture.
  • …the Industry through engagement and outreach.
  • …by promoting safety, health, and equitable well-being.
  • …by crossing traditional boundaries.
  • …the future through research and innovation.

Strategic Priorities and Goals

The Myers-Lawson School of Construction (MLSoC) Strategic Plan is designed to support the College of Engineering (COE) Strategic Plan. We, in step with COE, are focused on incorporating and pioneering Virginia Tech’s initiatives and implementing them on both a school and program level. The MLSoC Strategic Plan incorporates implementation plans for Building Construction (BC) and Construction Engineering and Management (CEM).

Strengthen Our Community

In our efforts to achieve the target enrollment numbers set by COE and our donors when Hitt Hall opens, we are increasing our efforts to strengthen our talent pipeline by encouraging underrepresented minority students into construction. This is done through targeted scholarships, mentorship, and DEI focused events including summer camps for K-12 students.

We are improving onboarding, enhancing faculty training, formalizing a faculty mentoring program, planning for long-term leadership succession, and creating opportunities for junior faculty. Through these efforts, we aim to foster a supportive environment and position ourselves for continued growth and excellence.

Following the guidelines set by COE, we foster a culture which promotes healthy work-life balance. We are committed to upholding our family culture while ensuring the highest quality as we grow. To support this, we continually strive to balance and reduce teaching loads and work with our partner programs.

We are dedicated to strengthening our already strong connections with our alumni and friends network. In line with this commitment, we are increasing engagement with our Industry Advisory Board, Industry Council, and subcommittees. Additionally, efforts have been made to to create a new platform to recognize outstanding leaders in the field and share their experience with our students.

Build Infrastrucure and Resources to Support Our Vision

Work is well underway to update and enhance our facilities. Hitt Hall is scheduled to open in 2024 and will double our footprint on campus to allow for additional labs, faculty spaces, and more. We are also dedicated to establishing and maintaining regular activities within the Hitt Hall Research and Innovation facility located on Prices Fork Road.

Beyond expanding our undergraduate and graduate enrollments, growing our sponsored research, seeking support and expanding the Industry Council, we aim to enhance professional programs already in place and practice-based Master's degrees to meet the evolving needs of the job market and attract professionals seeking advanced education. We are expanding our Giving Day footprint to establish a new generation of donors.

Utilizing Virginia Tech resources already available, we are expanding our data sets in the decision-making process.These decisions include data mining for streamlining administrative processes, hiring decisions, and mentorship options.

Align Education and Research for Impact in a Rapidly Changing World

We are focused on providing a holistic educational experience on every level by reducing time to graduation, enhancing degree options, supporting educational plans, and offering it for each student. In a booming industry, we are committed to educating others about construction and increasing publicity about our research, innovation, and unique learning opportunities.

We currently offer an interdisciplinary degree in Environmental Design and Planning (EDP) which serves as an open door into our program. In addition to established relationships we are formalizing processes and experiential programs to allow for new collaborations across departments.

We will continue to support all efforts being made on the HITT project in the Falls Church area.

We are strategically leveraging our role in several U.S. and international organizations to elevate our reputation, and in turn, enhance COE. Additionally, efforts are underway to simplify and promote programmatic components of the school, its research, and rankings.