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Young alumni deliver a presentation to a class.

Engage and Reconnect

Our alumni are a valued part of the Myers-Lawson community. They are active contributors to our legacy of excellence in construction, and we aim to keep our connection strong.

Here, you'll find updates on fellow graduates, opportunities for networking, and resources tailored for our alumni. We look forward to keeping in touch!


From the Young Alumni Committee's interactions with students to the annual Virginia Builders Foundation Golf Tournament, we have several opportunities for you to reconnect. 

Our Young Alumni kick off the school year with the first big event of the season. During First Friday, our alumni, industry sponsors, and students come together to talk about their experiences over the summer, what they hope to get out of the school year, and their future employment opportunities. Want to get involved in the next event? Email to learn more!

Join MLSoC students, faculty and staff, and alumni before the Homecoming football game against Wake Forest. This event will be on the Dietrick Hall Quad across from Cassell Coliseum. This event is sponsored by Lithko Contracting, LLC and Allan Myers.

VBF logo

The Virginia Builders Foundation (VBF) is a non-profit organization that supports the initiatives of Building Construction and Myers-Lawson School of Construction, specifically by providing funding towards attracting and developing the most sought-after construction students in the industry.

Each year, the VBF holds an annual golf tournament to fundraise for student scholarships. Over the past two years, VBF has raised $40,000 for our students. The funds raised help recruit and develop the future leaders of our industry, specifically by attracting the best and brightest individuals into Virginia Tech's construction programs. If you are interested in future events the VBF hosts, please see the contact information below.


John Barksdale
Phone: 757 - 653 - 8341

Join the Young Alumni Committee during the Career Fair social to learn more about different types of construction. This year we are putting industry in the hotseat as panelists during the Career Fair social. 


Alumni aiming to impact the next generation of MLSoC Hokies frequently take two main paths: giving of their time and supporting our programs with a donation.

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    Leverage your network and connections in industry to support or partner with the Myers-Lawson School of Construction.

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Alumni Committees

If you're looking for a way to plug in to MLSoC, consider joining a committee. Alumni less than ten years out from their graduation date (or young at heart) can join the Young Alumni Committee, while those further out from their graduation date can consider the Industry Advisory Board.

The Young Alumni Committee pictured (from left to right) Jacob Lescault, Sam Savoia, Allie Vogrig, and Danielle Hill smile outside.

Young Alumni Committee

This committee provides a professional support system for young alumni and interfaces with many student events and activies throughout the semester.

An alumnus presents during a committee meeting

Alumni Committee

This committee connects alumni and friends of the school together to support the needs throughout it including scholarships, research symposiums and industry guest lecutres.

Virginia Tech leaders break ground on Hitt Hall's construction site.

Industry Advisory Board

The Industry Advisory Board provides strategic guidance, advocacy, advancement, governance, and membership support to the MLSoC. 

People sit in golf carts.

Virginia Builders Foundation

The Virginia Builders Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports the initiatives of the Myers-Lawson School of Construction, specifically by providing funding towards attracting and developing the most sought-after construction students in the industry.

Stay Connected

By staying connected to the alumni network, you can continue to build meaningful relationships, expand your professional network, and access exclusive events and resources that can help you advance your career.

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Contact Information

The easiest way to stay connected as an alumnus is to ensure your contact information is up-to-date. This allows us to reach you with relevant alumni news and events.

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Social Media

Stay up-to-date on MLSoC news and announcements by following us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and LinkedIn

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MLSoC News

Get the latest news from Myers-Lawson right here on our website. 

Awards and Recognitions

We regularly recognize our students and alumni for their contributions to the MLSoC community through school-wide awards, such as the Myers-Lawson Award, and through department-specific recognitions. Browse winners of past awards below.

Year Winner
2006 John Lawson; Ross Myers
2009 William D. Fairchild
2010 George B. Clarke, IV
2011 Preston White
2012 Garrett W. Hall
2013 Paul Carter
2014 Herbert W. Morgan, P.E.
2015 Russell Hitt
2017 Brett Hitt
2018 Mark Hourigan
2022 Aaron Myers
2023 Steve Daves
Year Honoree
2023 John Dustin
2022 Nicholas Amabile
2020 Kurtis Meyer and Catherine Ellis
2019 Chad Walmer
2018 Katy Maher
2017 Ben Carpenter
2016 Kathryn Hart
2015 Mark Rainey
2014 Spring Justin Rajadhyaksha and Jeff Bonica
2013 Fall Russell Martin
2013 Spring Max Charamella
2012 Fall Laura Lee Worrell
2012 Spring Eric Hotek
2011 Fall Jared Frye (Fall 2011)
2011 Spring Aislinn Smith
2010 Spring Sean Haislip
2009 Spring Sheila Matarazzo
2008 Spring Erica Aleman
2007 Spring Justin Balchum
2006 Spring Mike Depp
2005 Spring Eason Park
2004 Spring Jeffrey Newell
2003 Spring Lisa Abbamonte
2002 Spring Matthew Corrigan
2001 Spring Kevin Ball
2000 Spring Adam Rose
Year Honoree
2022 Graham Studwell
2020 Joe O'Neal and Daniel Cruz
2012 Spring Karl Bacon
Year Honoree
2019 Zach Gould
2017 Philip Agee
2015 Susan Maddox
2014 Spring Kenneth Sands
2013 Fall Doug Armstrong
2012 Fall Ashley Drake
2012 Spring Justin Wiedman
2011 Spring Vera Novak
2010 Spring Justin Gore
2009 Spring Kathleen Short
2008 Spring Jason Lucas
2007 Spring Victor Quagraine
2006 Spring Andrew McCoy
Year Honoree
2023 Marina Harris
2022 Gabriela Borowiec
2020 Dominic DeLeone
2019 Armin Yeganeh
2016 Rachelle Johnson
2013 Spring Teni Ladipo


Year Honoree
2023 Srijeet Halder
2022 Ombolanle Ogunseiju
2020 Mary Semaan
2018 Zhulin Wang
2016 Oluwateniola Ladipo
2013 Spring Kathleen Short
Year Honoree
2023 John Barksdale
2022 Aislinn Smith Nagy
2019 Paul Carter
2018 Kim Roy
2017 Jonathan Barbour (2001)
2016 Larry Kraemer
2015 Steve Daves
2014 Spring Wade Eller
2013 Spring Walter Story
2012 Spring Steve Smithgall
2011 Spring Gary Hall
2010 Spring Keith Maddox
2009 Spring Brent Helmandollar
2008 Spring George Compo
2007 Spring Preston White
2006 Spring Charles Rainero
2005 Spring Bill Reiser
2004 Spring Gilford Edwards
2003 Spring Daniel Van Epp
2002 Spring Coleman Rector
2001 Spring Bradley Lownsbury

Young Alumni are those less than 10 years out from their graduation date.

Year Honoree
2023 Colin Miller
2022 Kathryn Hart
2019 Max Charamella
2018 Kate Asselin
2017 Austin Beach (2009)
2016 Mike Depp
2015 Eason Park
2014 Spring Eric Russell
2013 Spring Andrew McCoy
2011 Fall Craig Floyd- awarded fall 2011
2009 Spring Matt Corrigan
2008 Spring Aimee Alix (now Fogarty)
2007 Spring Kim Roy
2006 Spring Cragi Floyd
2005 Spring Paul Carter
Year Honoree
2019 Bob Muir
2018 Bob Muir
2017 Rick Clark
2016 James Yauger
2015 Chris Fiori
2014 Spring Chris Fiori
2013 Spring Andrew McCoy
2012 Spring Andrew McCoy
2011 Spring Andrew McCoy
2010 Spring Chris Fiori
2009 Spring Chris Fiori
2008 Spring Michael O'Brien
2007 Spring Walid Thabet
2006 Spring Walid Thabet
2005 Spring Flynn Auchey
2004 Spring Ron Wakefield
2003 Spring Ron Wakefield
2002 Spring Walid Thabet
2001 Spring Walid Thabet
2000 Spring Ron Wakefield


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