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VCHR supports localities and organizations through data-driven analysis to help improve affordability.

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    House Report banner graphic showing $47.8 Billion Economic Activity broken down
    The Housing Policy Advisory Council Report (2018) , article

    In October 2014, Governor McAuliffe issued Executive Order (EO) 32, “Advancing Virginia’s Housing Policy,” to “identify and implement actions to enable quality, affordable housing, which will strengthen families and communities and foster economic growth.” The Housing Policy Advisory Council (HPAC) was thus established under the leadership of the Secretary of Commerce and Trade to help guide the development and implementation of Virginia’s housing policy.

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    screenshot of the homepage of the Housing Virginia website
    The Housing Virginia Affordability Sourcebook , article

    The Virginia Center for Housing Research continues to provide quarterly updates for Housing Virginia’s Housing Affordability Sourcebook, an online tool for determining housing affordability. The Housing Affordability Sourcebook is available at A variety of housing affordability measures, including a series of housing affordability indices based on median housing cost and median income, are available for the state, metropolitan statistical areas, and Virginia localities.

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    A Basic Housing Needs Assessment and Gap Analysis for the Rappahannock-Rapidan Region , article

    A large part of the demand for housing in the RRRC region comes from workers earning in more-expensive housing markets. Fauquier County in particular may offer attractive living costs for households with at least one worker commuting further into the Washington, DC metro area. However, preferences for suburban, exurban, or semi-rural lifestyles over urban living are likely a major factor attracting households to the region. The region may be particularly appealing because large towns offer the convenience of cities and suburbs close to rural areas.

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    Housing Needs and Trends in Central Appalachia and Appalachian Alabama , article

    Appalachia is a region with significant contrasts. The evolution of the economic landscape over the last century has led each county in the region to face and adapt to unique circumstances. Although each county is unique, general housing trends in the region can be identified as well as outlier counties that do not conform to these trends. Many of the relevant housing trends in the region are quantifiable using US Census data. VCHR has compiled this data for a wide range of housing topics, including housing stock, demand, and affordability.

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    State Of The Market And Local Policy: Accessory Dwelling Units In The Commonwealth Of Virginia , article

    The following reports the findings of a data and information gathering exercise to provide the Accessory Dwelling Unit Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) and the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) input on key issues related to accessory dwelling units (ADUs) in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The work performed in this analysis and the SAG was implemented pursuant to House Bill 2053.


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    3D rendering of 3d printed concrete home
    New Vhda Innovation Grant On 3d Concrete Printing , article

    Dr. Andrew McCoy and Dr. Philip Agee have been awarded a $500,000, 1 year grant by Virginia Housing (formerly VHDA) to design and produce Virginia's first 3D printed concrete home, to study appropriate markets for this innovative technology and to engage K-12, college and professionals in new curriculum around the technology. Through the Virginia Center for Housing Research at Virginia Tech, Drs.

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    4 speakers on zoom call for Covidcalls discussion
    Fair Housing In The Covid-19 Pandemic - Mel Jones In Covidcalls , article

    Associate Director and Research Scientist Mel Jones participated recently in the podcast series COVIDCalls titled "FAIR HOUSING IN THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC". The full podcast can be accessed below or directly through YouTube.

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