This report uses several geographic terms which bear some explanation.  The most frequently used geographic areas, census tracts and block groups, are United States Census Bureau designated areas.  The County is divided into twelve census tracts, ranging in population from 1,269 to 9,474 (2000 populations).  Census tracts are made up of several block groups.  This report also refers to magisterial districts.  These areas are both Census areas called “County subdivisions” and the voting magisterial districts for the County.  Magisterial districts are made up of “sub-districts” which are known in the County as voting precincts.  Maps in Appendix A identify the parcels comprising each of these categories of geographies.  Finally, the interstates referred to throughout this report are Interstates 81 and 64.  Interstate 81 runs north-south through the middle of the County, while Interstate 64 braches out due east from I-81 in the southern portion of Staunton.