The demand for housing in Chesterfield County has increased at a steady pace. The county has become the region’s largest location of owneroccupied housing, particularly for family housing. It plays an important role in providing affordable homeownership opportunities as well as ownership opportunities for minorities.  In addition, the county is important as a source of rental housing for families and increasingly for the elderly (many of whom probably were homeowners within the county). The County has a much smaller share of the regional market for rental housing for non-elderly singles and unrelated individuals.  
Overall growth during the current decade is anticipated to be somewhat less than that during the 1990’s, but will continue to be substantial.   
The private market will meet most of the projected increase in demand for housing in the county in due course.  Some market segments, however, warrant careful attention and might need public intervention to assure the development of adequate, affordable housing.  These include:

  • Ownership opportunities for lower income and lower-middle income families. 
  • Ownership opportunities for single-parent households, including attention to the housing needs of post-divorce families.  
  • Continued opportunities for homeownership by minorities, including access to financing. 
  • Sufficient development of rental housing to meet projected demand for new households formed by young adults and for low and moderateincome families. 
  • Affordable renter housing for families. Renters with extreme cost burdens should be the target for rental assistance and social services to help prevent the damage that can accompany this situation.
  • Affordable independent-living residences for the elderly. 
  • Creation of a housing trust program and examination of HUD’s 811 program can offer people with disabilities independent living in a community.  
  • Development of programs to promote healthy and safe independent living for the elderly aging-in-place.