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February 2, 2022 – Myers-Lawson School of Construction Director Brian Kleiner (left) and school supporter and namesake A. Ross Myers (right) at the groundbreaking event for the new Hitt Hall building on Virginia Tech’s campus. (Photo by Christina Franusich/Virginia Tech)

Two men smile during a groundbreaking ceremony

Excellence in Educational Leadership

Myers-Lawson School of Construction is dedicated to providing top-quality education and research opportunities in construction, engineering, and management, and our leaders are at the forefront of this mission. Our leadership team comprises dedicated educators, researchers, and professionals who are committed to advancing the field of construction and preparing our students for successful careers.


Assistant/Associate Directors

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    Staff headshot of Joshua Iorio
    Josh Iorio , bio

    Assistant Director and Associate Collegiate Professor, Myers-Lawson School of Construction

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    Staff headshot of Ashley Johnson
    Ashley Johnson , bio

    Associate Director of Academics, Myers-Lawson School of Construction; Program Chair and Associate Professor of Practice, Construction Engineering and Management

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    Staff headshot of Andrew McCoy
    Andrew McCoy , bio

    Associate Director for Research and Innovation, Myers-Lawson School of Construction; Director, Virginia Center for Housing Research; Beliveau Professor, Building Construction

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    Staff headshot of Georg Reichard
    Georg Reichard , bio

    Associate Director for Operations, Myers-Lawson School of Construction; Professor and Head, Building Construction; Director, Building Enclosure & System Technologies Lab

Program Chairs and Managers

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    Staff headshot of Tanyel Bulbul
    Tanyel Bulbul , bio

    Graduate Program Director and Associate Professor, Building Construction

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    Staff headshot of Lisa Cash
    Lisa Cash , bio

    Business Manager, Myers-Lawson School of Construction

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    Staff headshot of Michael J. Garvin
    Michael J. Garvin , bio

    Vecellio CEM Program Coordinator, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering; Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

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    Staff headshot of Renee Ryan
    Renée Ryan , bio

    Assistant Director of Student Affairs and Administration, Building Construction

Faculty and Staff

Meet faculty and staff affiliated with specific programs within the Myers-Lawson School of Construction.

Students tour an active work site wearing safety gear