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Tanyel Bulbul

Graduate Program Director, Building Construction
  • Associate Professor, Building Construction
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1345 Perry St
410A Bishop-Favrao Hall
Blacksburg VA 24061

Role and Background

Tanyel Bulbul, PhD is an Associate Professor and serves as the BC Graduate Program Chair for Myers-Lawson School of Construction. She joined Virginia Tech in 2010.

Tanyel’s research and teaching focuses on automation in design and construction. In her current research, Tanyel is exploring automated assembly systems using AR head-mounted displays with a specific focus on information presentation methods, mental workload evaluations using electroencephalogram (EEG), and situational awareness in dynamic construction settings. She aims to impact the industry’s use of emerging technologies at a job site and the development of specialized human-system interaction methods for construction.

Tanyel’s current and previous teaching responsibilities include:

  • BC 2114 IT in Design and Construction
  • BC 4114 / BC 5114G BIM in Design and Construction
  • BC 4124 / BC 5124G Digital Construction & Manufacturing
  • BC 5154 Modeling in Design and Construction


Tanyel holds a PhD in Computational Design from Carnegie Mellon University and a Master of Scinece and BS from Orta Dogu Technical University, Turkey.