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Change of Major: Building Construction

Building Construction (BC) is a non-restricted major in the College of Engineering. We accept change of major students from all over the university.

Building Construction is a fast-paced and challenging career option in which you plan, direct, and coordinate construction projects from the conceptual development stage through final construction. Plan to attend one of our information sessions in which you get to meet BC advisors to learn more about our major. 

Become a Building Construction Student

Attend an information session to learn more about the major and begin the process. Please bring an unofficial copy of your transcript and transfer credits.

Work with Building Construction Academic Advisor Shelton Norwood to complete a major flowchart to determine the length of time to graduation.

Review change of major dates and deadlines found here. Students may request a change of major on their Hokie Spa during these dates.

To complete a double major, you must complete the requirements for both majors and graduate in the same semester with both. You will receive a diploma for your primary major (degree) and a double major certificate for your secondary major (double major). 

To complete a dual degree or second degree, you must complete the requirements for both majors and an additional 30 credit hours over the minimum credit hours required for your first degree. You may also choose to graduate with your first degree and second degree in separate semesters. You will receive a diploma for both your first degree and your second degree. 

Students pursuing a double major or dual degree will meet with an academic advisor from each program to review their plan of study regularly.

Change of Major Information Sessions

Join us for an information session designed specifically for Virginia Tech students in other majors who are considering changing their major to building construction. This session or a meeting with BC advisor Shelton Norwood is required to begin the change of major process.

Upcoming Sessions

FALL 2023: Session Dates Coming Soon

If you are unable to attend a Change of Major Information Session, please contact Academic Advisor Shelton Norwood.

Student Stories


"In MLSoC, I found my home away from home and the place where my passions and skills could truly manifest.

I switched to Building Construction at the end of my sophomore year after intending to pursue Civil Engineering as a General Engineering major. I did not know the first thing about construction or the careers available for college students in construction management. After my first semester in BC, I fell in love with the program, the faculty and staff, and made amazing friendships. Every year I am challenged, and afforded opportunities to grow my knowledge in and outside of the classroom. I took a leap of faith in changing my major and only regret that I had not switched sooner."

Dana Fowler

Originally a Biology major, Dana was unsure what she wanted to do after graduation. After looking for other majors, Building Construction stuck out to her with the medium class sizes, heavy industry involvement, high employment rate, hands-on experience, and the spread of classes.

"Three years later and I couldn't be happier with the choice I've made and the experiences that came with it. The opportunities building construction offers are never ending. Through the career fairs, class field trips, guest speakers, and relationships with industry professionals, the program has allowed me to understand the industry and experience it hands on."