BioBuild was invited to do a Plantsgiving event at the YMCA off of Main Street in Blacksburg. The YMCA hosted a veterans event with the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets. We were able to meet some interesting people and spread some smiles to people who love plants. Three people took home a flat of different plants. Some veterans did not want plants because they said they would kill them. We tried to encourage them to give it another go because accidentally killing a plant is a part of building a relationship with nature. This worked with a few, but not all of them. 

Two students, one with a BioBuild shirt, stand behind a table of free plants to giveaway.

For this event we were also able to create QR codes to help plant recipients identify their plants as well as a survey to let us know how they feel about their plants and if the plants continue to live when they die. There were some plants left over from the event so we set up a table in the hallway with the rest of the plants for people to take. We included some BioBuild flyers and stickers as well as a sign explaining what this table of plants was about.