In the BioBuild Program's most recent outreach event, affiliated faculty and students provided bioinclusive projects for the next generation. The Mary Draper Ingels Festival takes place annually in Radford at the Glencoe Mansion in honor of Mary Draper's courageous voyage. Learn more about the event and her story here:

The BioBuild Program hosted two booths at the event. The first build station furnished natural and upcycled materials for children to employ their own creativity in the construction of insect nesting boxes. BioBuild student Camilo Cuta and BioBuild faculty member Ignacio Moore supervised the second booth, where kids assembled some very unique bird houses. In both cases, children took their builds home to invite nature to their doorsteps. Setting the stage for a more sustainable and bioinclusive future starts with the next generation. The BioBuild Program would like to thank all families who participated in the event!