Hokie Wellness hosted a Mental Health Day in the Newman Library. Richard, a BioBuild fellow, suggested that we do a Plantsgiving event in partnership with this event. We went to work on making it happen. Diane Relf was so helpful in providing us with many plants to give away. The students who came to the event loved getting free plants! There were so many smiles as students potted their own plants and asked about the different types of plants. There were even VT alumni who came by the event and potted their own plants.

Two students smile at the camera while partcipating in Plantsgiving.

One person had just moved to Blacksburg to work at Virginia Tech, loves plants, and wanted to bring home a whole flat of plants to put around their apartment. The event was very successful in spreading awareness of the BioBuild program and spreading joy and wellness through playing in dirt and potting plants. There were only about 10 leftover plants from the event which have found homes outside of Virginia Tech in the neighborhoods surrounding. There was still a large amount of propagation cuttings left over from the event, these propagations went to In Balance Yoga Studio to find homes with the teachers and students there.