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Gema Guerra

Spring 2025


B.S. in Construction Engineering and Management

Why did you choose Virginia Tech?

"The magnet school I attended in high school helped me realize the passion I have for this industry at an early age. My counselors and personal research helped me find schools which catered towards it. I was happy that not only would Virginia Tech be in-state, but also had a designated school of construction."

Why did you choose Construction Engineering and Management?

"I chose CEM because it was the best of both worlds for me. Learning about the engineering and business side of the industry together is not only great for comprehension, but sets you apart in field for understanding how they go hand-in-hand."

Career Goals

"Upon graduating, my goal is to become a Superintendent and later progress as a Project Manager. I would specialize in mission critical construction projects, as I have a strong passion for the collaboration of construction and tech industry. I aim to contribute my skills and expertise to create innovative and efficient solutions while educating others on the significance of data centers in our world.

Additionally, a personal dream is working on a sustainable housing initiative in El Salvador, focusing on modular construction methods to address housing needs while promoting environmental consciousness. By combining my love for technology, construction, and sustainability, I hope to make a positive impact on both in the industries I work in and the communities I serve."

What would you tell students who are interested in joining MLSoC?

"It has been one the most welcoming and inclusive communities I’ve joined at Virginia Tech. Though we keep growing rapidly, we still feel like a close-knit family. I feel seen and heard at MLSoC, I can name everyone in my classes and know my counselors truly want what’s best for me. Not only is the staff helpful, but so are our Hokie alumni. They love coming to career fairs and participating in events. They’ve helped me, not only with academic advice, but career advice as well."

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