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Anthony Hinojosa

Spring 2024


B.S. in Construction Engineering and Management, Minor in Organizational Leadership

Why did you choose Virginia Tech?

"I choose Virginia Tech because of its amazing engineering program and environment. Not only is Virginia Tech a place where I could further my education and career at one of the top engineering schools in the country, but it is also a place where I can leave my mark and experience a tight-knit community with the 'THIS IS HOME' mentality. From the football/sports games, to million of clubs, different design teams, and amazing professors, Virginia Tech stood out as my home."

Why did you choose Construction Engineering and Management?

"During my first year at Virginia Tech, the Creativity and Innovation District (CID) was still under the construction and my dorm room had a great view of the progress going on. After just finishing my "Want to be a Hokie Engineer" assignment for my Intro to Engineering class, I took a look out of my dorm window to take my eyes off my computer screen. I saw the CID building under construction, and it was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. I saw people working diligently to reach one common goal. I saw communication, problem solving, teamwork, hardwork, moving systems, and adults playing with legos but for big kids. All of this is what I want and knew I could find it in Construction Engineering and Management!"

Career Goals

"I hope to work my way up and become a Superintendent for a commercial general contractor. After a few years I would like transition into working for a subcontractor in either concrete, masonry, or steel."

What would you tell students who are interested in joining MLSoC?

"MLSoC is a place where you can build close and meaningful relationships with your professors and other students. With Bishop-Favaro Hall, you will be able to easily access resources and support from professors and your classmates. MLSoC is a close community of smart and diverse people which will help you grow your understanding and knowledge about construction engineering and management. If you like communication, problem solving, working with teams, working towards a common goal, and building future communities, MLSoC is your calling!"

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