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Kelvin Zavala-Diaz

Spring 2024


B.S. in Building Construction

Why did you choose Virginia Tech?

"I always knew I wanted to study Construction Management: the question was always where. Fortunately, Virginia Tech was an option from the beginning. It is one of the best universities to study construction management in the nation that was in-state with a sense of community that supports your success. Virginia Tech lives by the motto Ut Prosim (That I May Serve). I wanted to feel welcomed in a family than school. At VT, I feel as though I am another member of the family."

Why did you choose Building Construction?

"I was raised with construction all around me. My father, uncles, and cousins are all carpenters and framers who worked every day to support my family. My father is a proud carpenter. He taught me the trade and often brought me to work alongside him. I moved pieces of lumber from one side to another, picked up loose nails on the floor, and cleaned the site at the end of the day. Yet, even when working under the sun, I fell in love with the process. I wanted to have the same pride my father had for what he had built. I wanted to someday drive around a city and see the fruits of my labor still standing alongside the greatest of buildings."

Career Goals

"I wish to be a Superintendent for a sustainable general contractor. I hope to be a leader that workers trust with their safety as well as the safety as others."

What would you tell students who are interested in joining MLSoC?

"Construction is a growing field that needs new voices, new perspectives, and needs you. It is an industry that continues to grow in multiple areas and needs people that can lead the change. If you wish to be part of the change, then construction is right for you."